Areas of Focus
Our strongholds

As an organization in the IT industry we mainly focus on following areas which are diversified by the time and a vast knowledge has been gained by the organization by implementing successful solutions.

Telecom Products

This is one of the key specialized areas which we possess a wide range of products for telecommunication companies. The main platform is called “NforSYS” and it covers the entire operation of telecom companies. The component based “NforSYS” platform is a combination of mission critical tasks including “Preapid/Postaid” SIM Activations, Point of Sale, Inventory controlling, Approval process etc… 

The total suite of “NforSYS” modules cover the entire work flow of the many departments of a telecom company and centralizes the operational data of the business operation into a single source. It’s a web based platform to collaborate internal and external units including customer care centers and dealer locations.

Mobile Applications

This is another area which we have been working in last few years and we use to develop USSD and SMS based products to ease the many workflows allowing customers/staff to access to various services despite their location. Through some of the solutions enable the communication between the back office systems and the front line staff to work on real-time and provide on time user functions. Few of the solutions include Post Paid Mobile number activation via USD, Preferred Mobile Number Selling option via SMS and #132# feature.

System Integration and Developments

System Integration is another important skill which we are practicing using the latest technologies and our own methodologies to offer various number of interactive solutions. This is very important since our products are also designed to support and collaborate with other systems in an organization. Our expertise include number of technologies like HTTP, REST, SOAP etc… Some of the key integration and developments which we’ve done recently are; eZcash integration between Dialog Telecom and Etisalat Lanka and Epic Reward System Integration in Etisalat, Sri Lanka

Cloud Based Solutions

We are working eagerly on our cloud enabled products in order to enhance the product features and user experience. We provide software and hardware for some of our cloud enabled products
Our “Sales Force Automation” solution is connected with the inventory control system and allow sales staff to do their sales activities via mobile devices and transfer the records to the central inventory system instantly.
“Sales Play Lite” Application is a modern way of doing Point of Sales Task by enabling sophisticated features like cloude enabled and NFC