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We have a diversified range of products which we’ve already developed and implemented in our clients.  Following is a small introductory of our products which have been implemented according to the requirements of our clients which can be altered slightly.  Our aim is to provide the exact requirements of the client while maintaining the quality of the software.  All of the products are based on web and mobile technologies and a combination of latest technologies. 

“NforSYS” for Telecoms

This is a platform which covers the majority of the business operation in telecom companies. This has been designed and developed using a web based technology to collaborate internal and external business units. The entire platform is built on component based architecture and can be used as separate functions. Following is the list of main modules of the platform. 

·          Telecom mobile number management module (e.g number reservation, recycling,sim allocation)

·          Inventory management for telco companies (sim stock, device stock, accessory stock etc…)

·          Stock requisition and approval process

·          Managing sales channels and hierarchy including approval path and levels (sales executive, fls, retailer shops etc…)

·          Sales Force Automation module including mobile clients to strengthen the sales and distribution staff and real-time data sync

·          Point of sales (POS) including invoicing in all the external and internal sales locations

·          Price Control mechanism including multi price for items

·          Credit and collection functions (CCD)

·          Bill payments and banking

·          Maintaining sales accounts of sales staff

·          Total postpaid and prepaid data entry & activation in billing system and IN systems

·          Postpaid activation via SMS

·          Deposit maintain facility for postpaid activations

·          Prepaid number activation via CRM and preferred number activation process (SMS)

·          Integrations with accounting systems via web services and XMLs

·          Prepaid and postpaid customer contract management and maintain

·          Integrated CRM functions with other isolated systems

·          Managing promotions via CRM functions

"Sales Play" for Large and medium industries

This product is specially designed and developed for organizations which want to have a centralized inventory control system while maintaining the multiple sub stores. As a plus point this system is designed to integrate Sales Force module which has a mobile client. Following are some of the key features .

• Inventory control functions
• Invoicing (POS)
• Maintaining Sub Stores
• Maintain multiple Invoicing locations
• Mobile Client for SFA functions
• Real-time stock sync to mobile clients
• Thermal printer facility for SFA invoicing

“Sales Play Lite” - Cloud Enabled POS Solution

This is a sophisticated point of sale software which is developed for any kind of point of sale locations like pastry shops, bookshops, restaurants etc… A powerful plus point of this product is that this is connected with the cloud and allows shop owners to overlook and monitor the transactions of the POS machine via a web portal.

The software is designed for “Sales Play All in one POS” machine which is one of the products distributed by Sales Play (PVT) Ltd and it is also a sister company of Nvision IT Solutions (PVT) Ltd.

Nvision HR

The Human Resource Management system is designed for medium and small scale business. The web based system is included number of fundamental components relating to HR management function. The mobile client is integrated to handle some management tasks like approving leaves. Following are few main modules

• Employee profile management
• Leave Management including a self-care portal 
• Organization calendar
• Payroll including salary slips