Our Services

We offer selected services for large scale to small scale business by considering as a compulsory requirement for the systems we provide. Through these services our expectation is to strengthen the business flow of our clients. We provide cost effective services for the small organizations by enabling cloud services.  

System Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance is very important service for the solutions we provide. Our object is to provide maximum reaching options for our clients. Mainly we maintain 2 level of support as “working hours” and “24/7”. Apart from the customer query checking we have another feature called “monitoring & diagnosing unit”. Based on the customer’s preference our unit is always in standby mode and monitor the system processes and symptoms in order to prevent any possible failures of the systems.

We have our own support ticketing system to streamline the trouble ticket handling process and clients are given the access for it.

Our other reaching options
• Email
• Telephone
• Chat

Database Administration support

Our DBA team is capable to handle large scale Data Base Admin Support. Currently we do provide this service for open source data bases like MySQL. Some of the tasks we provide as the DBA listed below.

• Monitoring Alert Response and Resolution - we monitor your servers 24x7 and respond to any issue.
• Database Backups - we set up and monitor using a best-in-class database backup suite that allows for seamless and efficient backups while preventing disruptions to your production environment
• Backups Restoration - databases are restored from your backups as needed using tools and techniques that enable point in time recovery across the entire server or a specific schema or table
• Proactive Tuning and Maintenance - we ensure your systems comply with our evolving best practices. We also ensure your queries are properly tuned and notify you when additional changes may be necessary
• Replication - we setup and monitor replication on your servers and use our checksum tools to ensure that servers are kept in sync